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Vossen Wheel Cleaner by Adam's Polishes (16oz)

Sale price$ 15.00

The Most Effective Wheel Cleaner for your Vossen Wheels 

Vossen's Wheel Cleaner is safe for all Vossen finishes. Whether you have clear coated, raw aluminum, or powder coated wheels, this highly effective cleaning solution will remove stubborn brake dust but won't harm your Vossen wheels. With the surface cool to the touch, saturate the wheel with Vossen's Wheel Cleaner and allow the color changing formula to activate.

Vossen and Adam's Polishes have joined forces to create an exclusively formulated cleaner for all Vossen Wheels. Adam's Polishes' extensive background in car care chemistry perfectly complements the quality and precision that defines the Vossen Wheels brand. 

The ultimate way to remove stubborn brake contamination and metallic grime from your wheels. Vossen's Wheel Cleaner cleans effectively, and the color changing formula lets you know it's working, turning to a deep purple as it activates and does the hard work for you.

Features of our Wheel Cleaner 

  • Activates iron and metallic contamination on contact
  • Safe on all finishes and high-performance brakes
  • Dissolves Stubborn Metallic Contamination
  • Dark Blue, Cherry Fragrance
  • Made in the USA

A pH neutral formula that specifically targets iron and metallic particles of modern and performance brakes, the Vossen Wheel Cleaner is the only approved wheel cleaning product for Vossen Wheels.

With active cleaning agents and advanced surfactants, this formula is perfect for cleaning away the worst, most baked-on brake dust commonly found in the barrel of your wheels. 

WARNINGVossen Wheel Cleaner is the only cleaner tested and approved to be safe on all Vossen finishes. The use of other untested cleaners and detergents will void Vossen's 5-Year Workmanship & Finishing Warranty. Not for use on Carbon Ceramic Brakes. 

DO NOT CLEAN HOT WHEELS. Always let wheels cool before cleaning.

Note: The active ingredient in the Vossen Wheel Cleaner will give off a cherry odor when activated. This is normal, and the smell will dissipate. Liquid color may vary.

Please note that this product ships from Colorado to Florida and an experiences a change in pressure- Some bottles may result in a slight indentation because of this, however, the chemical quantity remains unchanged. 

Vossen Wheel Cleaner by Adam's Polishes (16oz) - Vossen
Vossen Wheel Cleaner by Adam's Polishes (16oz) Sale price$ 15.00