Vossen Wheel Cleaner by Adam's Polishes (16oz)

$ 15.99

Vossen and Adam's Polishes have joined forces to create a specially formulated cleaner for all Vossen Wheels. Adam's Polishes' extensive background in car care chemistry perfectly complements the quality and precision that defines the Vossen Wheels brand. 

A pH neutral formula that specifically targets iron and metallic particles of modern and performance brakes, the Vossen Wheel Cleaner is the only approved wheel cleaning product for Vossen Wheels.

WARNINGVossen Wheel Cleaner is the only cleaner tested and approved to be safe on all Vossen finishes. The use of other untested cleaners and detergents will void Vossen's 5-Year Workmanship & Finishing Warranty.

DO NOT CLEAN HOT WHEELS. Always let wheels cool before cleaning.

Note: The active ingredient in the Vossen Wheel Cleaner will give off a cherry odor when activated. This is normal, and the smell will dissipate. Liquid color may vary.

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